Dictionary of a Gay Asian American ARTist

Well it is in the title. I am a Gay Asian American, Buddhist. And I just found the artist within me again. I will be posting things I like and things that mean something to me or distract me from the world. Furthermore, it is a place for me to send my feelings and thoughts out into the world without having to tell one person or many.

Kimberly Cook


Kimberly Cook Contemporary Ceramics on Ceramics Now Magazine

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“Awkward primitive animal instincts lie unconsciously in our genetic make-up.  Dominance, survival, reproduction, and group instinct feed our propensity to digress into our egos; cruelty, alpha status, fight or flight, sexual exploits, and pack mentality.  In my body of work I create imagery that embodies tension and anxiety, while also reflecting animalistic traits and certain elements of human ritualistic thought and control that intrigue me.  Using clay as my primary sculptural material allows me to explore these thoughts and questions using techniques that actually originated in human ritualistic practices.  Figures, deities, and fetishes were modeled into both animal and human form for magical or religious practices long before clay was used for utilitarian ware.  This harnessing of imagery deemed as powerful has survived for centuries, allowing humans to access manifestations of supernatural forces believed to improve their daily struggles in life. 

Personally and intuitively driven, my work with imagery of animals is grounded in the exploration of the universal human condition, focusing on aspects of the ceremonial; serving as embodiments for the physical, spiritual, and psychological being. My preoccupation with human existence, alienation, fear and apathy, is what motivates me to express elements of autobiography, ritual, and the significance of life’s struggles.  Working between narrative and abstract, revealing both the perception of power and powerlessness, the figures and symbols that I create are often purposely rendered disfigured and dysfunctional.” Kimberly Cook

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Interesting. But so indie! You know… How many times we gonna see an animal head on a human form. Sure craftsmanship is impeccable! But where is the divergent thought? How many times can someone do this?

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